Sunday, July 05, 2009

You a holy Christian?

"Are you a... hmm... how should I put it... holy Christian?"

That's what a Christian friend I recently met asked me. We knew each other through Facebook. That's our first meet up. And that's one of the first question she asked.

It took me a while to figure out what did she mean. What is a "holy Christian"?

But I couldn't figure that out. So I asked her what she meant. And apparently she didin't know too.

So we explored together what did she want to find out. I told her some of the things that I did, and hearing that, she replied, "Okay, you are a normal Christian."

Then I began to catch what she meant. What she wanted to ask was whether am I the kind of Christian who has the "holier than you" attitude, and who go around condemning other people's allegedly wrong deeds or behaviour. For eg. if I see you smoke a cigarette, will I shut a whole sermon about our bodies being the temple of God into your throat?

So, I am glad to find out from her that I'm a normal Christian, not a holy one.

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M SIBAT said...

Hope it won't take too long to get used to. :) And you definitely need an extra shelf or two (unless you convert your cupboard into one - but where are you going to dump in your clothes then?). :P I went to STM twice and stayed in their dorm ... it may be exactly like the room you have now. Shelf space totally inadequate and as for slippers, yeah man, I feel you. But my STM stayover was for 4 nights max per trip ... All the best!