Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What is 'study'?

I came to TTC to study. But there are so many unnecessary activities that make me doubtful over this.
A. There are 3 chapel services and 4 vesper services in a week.

B. Then there is cluster group vesper every Wednesday.

C. Then there is Family Group meeting every Thursday.

D. Then there are those Field Education trips that required us to visit different denomination every Sunday in the first semester.

E. And there is this vocal audition session which all first year student need to attend.
And here are my thoughts:
>A. I have tried such religiosity last time and it doesn't work for me anymore. And I am not those who think that the more services you attend, the more 'Christ-like' you are, or you can become.

>B. Same as A1.

>C. The Family Group is a program where a group of students will be attached to a lecturer over the semester. Reason probably is to keep the lecturers in touch with the students and vice versa.

>D. I have lost count the different churches that I have visited in the past 5 years! I've been to Catholic churches, Anglican churches, Brethren churches, Eastern Orthodox church, Methodist churches, Baptist churches, Free churches, independent churches, Bible-Presbyterian churches, Lutheran churches, and I'm from a Presbyterian church. I have also been to churches which are not included in our Field Education visitation list like the New Creation Church. I have also been to non-Christian worship places like the Mormon church, Taoist temples, Buddhist temples, and Hindu temples. If I can step into a mosque, I would have done that as well. So if the reason for the weekly Field Education trip is to expose students to different religious institutions, then I see no point for me to involved in that. But this is a requirement. I will not get my degree if I don't complete this. So what can I say?

>E. I know that I can't sing. The fact is that I am tone-deaf. So that's my gift and I hope theological colleges able to recognize the distinctive gifts among the students instead of forcing someone to embarrass him/herself.
I'm grumbling so much perhaps because of the fever.


Nalika said...

Hang on dear. Get well soon!!

GOd bless u ...

Sze Zeng said...

Hanging, hanging!