Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Relocation, new life, messy, and grateful

The sleep was not well last night. The bed is foreign and it is much smaller than my previous one.

The shelve space is not enough for my stuffs. I have to get myself slippers after not wearing them for the past half a decade. The travel time to almost everywhere is longer. At my old place, the cineplex was 7 minutes walk, SKS book warehouse was 10 minutes walk, the famous curry rice was 2 minutes walk, the MRT station was 7 minutes walk, the journey to church was 30 minutes, and mid-night cab costs less than $10.

The relocation experience was not very pleasant. The packing and unpacking were dreadful. And it is not mere a mere relocation, but an entire rearrangement of living manner.

Yet amidst these messes, I have to be thankful for all the help that came my way. YK helped with the delivering. The seniors along the corridor are helpful. There is this Michael Lee, a Methodist, who helped to carry my stuffs to the room, lent me his umbrella, and point me to places. Then there is Ron Tan, a Presbyterian, who helped to acquire textbooks.

And along the corridor, I can hear people talking in religious language, listening to religious songs, and reading religious books. A very different environment. It's really like what they call this corridor as, a 'cluster'.

It is not a good time for me although I am excited over the change, to do what I want. Nevertheless this is also the time where the wretched soul of mine witnesses the Lord's grace, manifested through helping hands, is ever sufficient, and thus his power made perfect in weakness (2 Cor 12.9).


M SIBAT said...

HEH. This is embarassing. I put the wrong comment on the wrong post. Sorry. :P But all the best with the cloister walks for the next three years (?) ...

Kar Yong said...

Welcome to the theological fraternity. You remind me of my journey and the step of faith I took 11 years ago!

But you are in a different league - you don't have sufficient shelf space in your room, while my shelf space was empty when I arrived Gordon-Conwell :-)

I pray and wish you all God's blessings as you begin this exciting journey. May the next 3 years of so will be a journey of discovery for yourself and also God!

Do let me know if I can be of any help in anyway.

Sze Zeng said...

Hi M SIBAT, that's OK. And thank you for well wishes. Yes, for the next three years.

Hi Kar Yong, thank you for the warm welcome to the fraternity. And thank you for the blessings. Look forward to our coffee time when you are here in next two weeks.

pearlie said...

All the best as you start on this new journey :)
And I look fwd to reading your updates about life in a seminary every now and then.