Thursday, July 02, 2009

Let us make robots in our own image: Transformers

Transformer robots is another example of the robotic enterprise that tends to engineer machines in human's image: anthropomorphism.

After watching Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, I gathered that the robots in the movie are sexual beings. Three depictions in the movie imply this:

1) Wheelie, the small toy-robot, humming Megan Fox's leg like a lustful dog.

2) Arcee, the autobot with female-voice, in contrast with other transformers with male's voice.

3) Devastator had his testicles in the form of wrecking balls banging each other while he climbed the pyramid. (This is weirdly stupid because none of the construction vehicles that made up the Devastator has wrecking ball. On the other hand, if it is OK to show gigantic testicles hanging in the air, then it wouldn't be a problem is Transformers 3 show robots having sex with each other. That wouldn't violate the censorship code. It is not obscene to see a tractor banging another tractor with its oil hose inserted into the other's exhaust pipe, right?)

This is the reason why I find science fiction boring, especially if it involves the extraterrestrial. I've lost fascination towards these sort of works. It seems that all the aliens have to be the same as humans. Is this the farthest human imagination stretch?


Robin Teo said...

Hi Josh, you will find the sexual suggestions probably a Michael Bay thing. Not only the bots, but the way he had to pose the female main character as one with unnecessary subtle sexual displays is disappointing. The movie could do well without this kind of thing. I was thinking my 2 sons would have love this movie when they grow older in their pre-teenage age but with this kind of content and the scenes with the humping bot, leaves little to be desired. I recalled the animated series was made for kids. Why can't they just tone it down for a PG rating as well instead of M rating. I grew up with good memories of Robotech (Macross), Ultraman, and other robot movies that were just plain fun and exciting, seemingly better than what we have today. VFX doesn't count for peanuts when edifying contents are not there. Transformers have some good bits too, but it can just do without those sexual suggestions.

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Robin, I have to agree with you on that. The whole movie is nothing good except only the VFX.

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