Friday, July 10, 2009

The Holy Spirit's role in canonization versus the stone's role in selection

"...[a] professor told a story of going with a Native American spiritual leader to gather stones for a ceremony; asked how he would know which stones to gather, the spiritual leader responded, "The stones will tell me.""
(Jack David Eller, Introducing Anthropology of Religion, p.10)

How do you know which Bible, among the Roman Catholic, some Eastern Orthodoxes, and the Protestants, is the right one?

Push all three groups to the wall, via all the unsolvable historical problems, they will say something like this:

"The Holy Spirit guided our antecedent Christians through the church councils and events like the Reformation to secure for us the right canonical Scripture. To put it another way, the entire process of canonization is governed by the Divine Spirit."

Which church council we should acknowledge depends on which group we are already in.

Which interpretation of certain event we should identify with depends on which group we are already in.

And which Bible we accept depend on which both councils and interpreted event we already picked. And how do we know we have picked the right one? Through the Holy Spirit's guidance.

You might be agreeing with me that at least the stones are a bit more tangible and direct.

Is it so hard to accept the fact that we are creature? If yes, then the answer could be something like this, "I am not sure which version is the right one, but across all groups, we do share major similarity in our own respective canon list. And we all got the important ones right, like those in the New Testament."

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