Wednesday, July 01, 2009

First day as an unemployed

Today marks my first day being an unemployed person after working for the past 5 years in the same company. Though subjectively I still don't feel any changes, but objectively it's a big change to my life.

Like in the weekends, this morning I woke up without rush. But the same fatigue and heavy sentiment were still there. Though I don't have to go to office anymore, but the exact same boredom of the mundanes still bear on me. I wonder if I have got tired of living already. But being in my age, I shouldn't feel like that.

Anyway, finally I get to watch Transformers 2 today. I enjoyed the movie though there were at least twice I reminded myself that I have left my brain outside the cineplex, so I shouldn't be thinking too much over all the nuisances in the movie.

After that I went to PageOne bookshop without intending to buy any book. But luck found me.

I was browsing at the science section. And next to it were some shelves of bargain items. In between the gap of many books that I have no interest in, lies Stephen Jay Gould's Rocks of Ages. When I picked it up, the tag indicates that it's on 40% discount. This is the book that gives us NOMA (Non-Overlapping Magisteria). So my justification for buying it is simple. It's a classic work and it's on 40% discount.

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