Monday, July 27, 2009

Anthony Thiselton's new book coming soon

Mark Chan is a lecturer in hermeneutics and 'philosophical theology' (whatever it means) at Trinity Theological College. He is also a protege of the great Anthony Thiselton at Nottingham University. Those who don't know about Thiselton... well he produced groundbreaking works in the philosophy of interpretation in the 1970s-1990s.

I've read a couple of Thiselton's works: Interpreting God and the Postmodern Self, and The Hermeneutics of Doctrines. And managed to read piecemeally his essays and other tomes like the Two Horizons, the New Horizons, and his essays in Cambridge Companion to Biblical Interpretation, and The Promise of Hermeneutics.

I am not a Robert Knowles, so I'm not an expert on Thiselton. Yet from the bits that I'm exposed to, I agree with Scot McKnight that Thiselton's works are of 'brilliant synthensis'.

About 3 years ago, I gathered from Mark that Thiselton was working on a textbook on hermeneutics. And minutes ago, I saw the news that the book is done. They are proof-texting it. The publisher is trying to get it published in a couple of months' time.

Now, my seniors are using Introduction to Biblical Interpretation as textbook for hermeneutics class. And I thought by my time to take the subject, Mark would change to the recently published Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics. But since by then Thiselton's book is out, then my guess is that most probably we'll be using his. And I'm so looking forward.


reasonable said...

great... look forward to borrowing it for a year! wahahah

Tremonti said...

Thanks for this...this will definitely make it's way to my bookshelf!

Sze Zeng said...

Hi reasonable, if the book really become the textbook, then the library will be very strict over its borrowing! And btw, I think you don't need this book. Probably you will be reading and say 'amen amen'.

Hi Tremonti, you're welcome. Hope you'll adjusting well in the new place.