Monday, June 15, 2009

What are we waiting for?

This 243-pages book is written by 18 different people. Some of the contributors are Richard Bauckham, I.Howard Marshall, Trevor Hart, Stephen Holmes, John Goldingay, Robin Parry, and great others.

The book is about future ‘hope’. In theological jargon, it is ‘eschatology’. This hope-full book is divided into 4 sections: Hopeful Word, Hopeful Church, Hopeful Culture, and Hopeful World (really ‘hope-full’, right?).

Each of these essays presents the Christian perspective of the future; how it will be and our role in anticipating that future. It’s a collaboration among biblical scholars, theologians, missionaries, and other Christian leaders to clarify the often misunderstood Christian view on the future to the general public . Written on popular-level for wide readership.

Among the many insights presented in the book, here are some quotes I’m dying to share:

The Left Behind series – astonishingly popular; astonishingly badly written; astonishingly wrong...’
(Stephen Holmes, p.1)

I tell students that whenever they use the word eschatology they should wash their mouth out with soap, because it sounds like a technical term with defined meaning, but actually means different things to different people.’
(John Goldingay, p.24)

‘ father had a book which showed clearly that the second coming of Christ would take place in the then future year of 1934 (actually the year of my own arrival on the scene..!)..’
(I. Howard Marshall, p.37)

All Christian reflection on hell needs to view it from Golgotha where God himself endured our God-forsakenness so that we might receive his life.’
(Robin Parry, p.111)

The aim of this chapter was to write about heaven. Having written about the need to feed the poor, meeting strangers on buses and the blessings of good food, some might think I have neglected the task.’
(Justin Thacker, p.123)

God says in effect; “Behold, I am about to make all things new! Let me show you something of what it’s going to look like when it’s finished... Now, you go out there and start living now as though the job was already done.”’
(Trevor Hart, p. 137)


Tremonti said...

This looks like an amazing book and one that far precedes the usual lingo of eschatology teachings on the popular level. The quotes sure whetted my appetite for the book!

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Tremonti,

It is amazing. Hope you'll enjoy it as much. :)

pearlie said...

First the cover attracted me :) then the quotes convinced me - I must get this book! IH Marshall's quote is classic. I hv heard him speak in person and find it hard to imagine him actually saying it!

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Pearlie, that's a privilege to hear Marshall speaks. I'm envy. And it's kinda funny for him to say that in the book.

pearlie said...

Well, it was a privilege BUT my friends and I concluded that he is more a writer/scholar than a speaker :)