Friday, June 05, 2009

Local Theologians & Left-Behind Theology

Bravo to Tony Siew, NT scholar at TTC, for highlighting this ever-misunderstood notion about the end times. Most churches that I've been to preached about incoming Rapture and our going to heaven, a place somewhere up there (a recent local publication is this one by Rony Tan). The only occasion that I came across which taught the right teaching on this issue was Ben Witherington's visit to Singapore.

Here's what Tony Siew wrote,
We are caught up (raptured) to meet with him in the air/clouds and together with the Lord, we shall return to earth. (Italic added)
It's great to see local theologians to speak out on this issue. Since Tony has kicked start the conversation, why not other local theologian-bloggers have a rally-blog posting on the Left-Behind theology on their own blog for the next 2 or 3 weeks for the sake of the Christian e-community? (grinning towards Sivin, Soo-Inn, Kar Yong, Anthony Loke, David Burke, Sherman Kuek, I-Ching, Fong Yang and Kam Weng)

No need to be exegetically long or theologically cutting edge. Just a brief reflection over the Rapture. Such reflection can serves as a breather amidst the tedious daily works :)


Kar Yong said...

Did I hear my name being mentioned? BTW, what is rapture? Hahaha....

Sivin Kit said...

Me, believe in the rapture? you must be kidding! ROFL... We're still left behind after the ascension LOL!