Friday, June 26, 2009

I can't be an elder at John Piper's church

I'm too timid to affirm the existent of Adam and Eve, so no hope that I'll be an elder at John Piper's Bethlehem.

What do you have to believe about creation in order to be an elder at Bethlehem? How wide of a variance does this allow?

1) You have to believe that Adam and Eve were historical persons and that, therefore, there can't be millions of years between the first human being and now. That's because the Bible won't work for millions of years between Adam and Even and now. If you allow for gaps in the genealogies, then you might arrive at 15,000 years or whatever. So that's clear in our affirmation of faith.

Read the rest of the requirement at Desiring God website.

Does that means scientific data have no place at all in our noetic effected conception of not only the world, but also the Bible and the mysterious (and often trans-logical) way God works?

If there's a place, where?

They said scientific data (often polarized as the 'worldly' data) is doubtful because our knowing faculty is marred by sin. But when it comes to the Bible and the divine workings, suddenly our knowing faculty became unmarred and redeemed. When asked why the double standard, the usual answer is, "Because the Holy Spirit guides us to understand the Bible."

I find this attitude as arrogant as those who exclude spirituality/religion in scientific discourse.

If my trust in Christ has to include mindful acknowledgment, I'll have to remain timid at the moment.


Sivin Kit said...

no worries, the Lutherans would welcome you with open arms! LOL

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Sivin,

Now you mentioned it, it's not a bad idea to share the same denomination with Robert Jenson, Jurgen Moltmann, and Philip Hefner :)