Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How to eat buffet?

Personally, I have never thought about the approaches to a buffet meal. When I go for buffet, I'll just walk in, sit down, and get my food. No strategy, no scheme.

Only recently I heard about strategies of buffeting. Probably because I met a few lovely people who enjoy buffet a lot. Hearing them sharing strategies to make a buffet worth their money, I begin to suspect that there are some PhD theses being published on this.

Basically there are 2 segments to get the best out of buffet: (1) The Dos; (2) The Don'ts:
The Dos:
a. Sleep early before the buffet day.
b. Exercise or do more physical activities than usual.
c. Go to the toilet as often as you can to clear stomach space.
d. During buffet, the first thing to get are fresh oysters, scallops, lobsters, crabs, and prawns.
e. Drink as little water as possible because water will take up a lot of stomach space.
f. Always remind yourself how much you are paying for the buffet as a motivation to keep you eating.
g. Go buffet with your buddies and close friends.
h. Always keep a look out for new dishes being served. And rush to be the first to get the new dishes.

The Don'ts:
a. If you are going for buffet dinner, skip lunch. If you are going for buffet lunch, skip breakfast.
b. Never take rice, beehoon, noodle, or bread!
c. Never take fruits, desserts, water, juices, or carbonated drinks.
c. Don't eat salty dishes because it will make you thirsty.
d. Never do buffet dinner on first date because a glutton spoils the charm.
e. Don't tell or listen to jokes during buffet because laughter rushes air into the stomach.
f. Don't try to be gentle in scooping the food. Use a spade if you must. Buffet is a "survival of the fittest" arena.
You have other strategies??


pearlie said...

If that is the case, then the first and foremost strategy is to go alone to buffets since food is all that matters. But then what is a meal without company of good friends and loved ones?

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Pearlie, the company is to motivate and remind each others how much they are paying for the buffet. Like saying 'ganbate' through the dinner :)

pearlie said...

Hahah, true, true. But what I am trying to say is that I am never anywhere only for the food. Food in good company taste much much better. For example, I cannot imagine myself going alone to Hotel Sacher to savour its famous Sachetorte. It would taste ... lonely! hahaha