Monday, June 22, 2009

Going away again

I've start packing, getting ready to move into hostel. There are about 20 small boxes and a few luggage bags. I hope the hostel room has enough space to fit everything in.

And yesterday marks the second last session with my Bible Study group. It might be the last, depending on whether do I need to work next Sunday. Next month onwards, the group will merge with the 'Young Adults'.

For me, it's a breather. I have been doing this non-stop since 5 years ago. And I have told the person in charge that I want to stop doing it for a few times already. But each time it appears that there is serious shortage of helpers. So I stayed. But this time round, I can't stay anymore because beginning next month, I'm required to visit different churches every Sunday for the first semester.

But in my job, I've visited almost all mainline protestant and independent churches in Singapore. By my own initiative, I have made visits to Roman Catholic and Coptic Orthodox churches. So if the program to get the first semester students expose to wider Christian liturgy and context, then I will just be going through again what I've been through.

Besides that, there will be a student retreat before the first semester starts. And this is what the retreat is about, as stated in the letter:
The theme for Retreat 2009 is “Come with me”. This theme expresses the Lord’s call to us as we begin a new academic year. It is a call for us to go with God on this journey of faith, discovery and spiritual formation. It is a reminder that God will lead and see us through the joys and challenges which lay ahead.

“Come with me” is also our call to one another. It is a call to build a community characterised by love and faith as we sojourn together.

Finally, it is also our lecturers’ call to us! It is not just the call to embrace the rigours of academic training but also to experience that deep transformation of heart and mind in the process of theological education.

So, basically there are 4 calls: (1) Come with TTC, (2) Come with God on a journey, (3) Come with TTC's community, and (4) Come with lecturers. None of these should be "miss call" as these are important for me to start living a different life.

Yet though important, I feel very heavy to leave my current life. I've spent the past half a decade being who I am. And now a different world is approaching. Surely I will miss these 5 years, as these are the time my life as a young adult is formed.


pearlie said...

5 years for you ... 18 for me. Therefore, the shorter the easier. So, do it before it is too late :)

Kar Yong said...

Yeah - Pearlie is right. It took me 8 years.

All the best, Joshua. I know you will enjoy TTC. Let not theological studies shape your mind only, but also your heart.

BTW, I pretty sure you will fill up all the shelf space in your room... :-)

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Pearlie & Kar Yong,

Both of you make me feel less-qualify to start feeling nostalgia over the past 5 years! hahahaHa

But yea, I think it's good not to start too late.

Kar Yong, I hope I will enjoy TTC too. Regarding the shelf-space... I think I better take a vow not to buy any book during my stay in TTC. If not, it'll be very troublesome to move out after graduated (if I can graduate at all).

Alex Tang said...

Enjoy your time at TTC. It will be an wonderful time for you, I am sure. You will enjoy the intellectual stimulation and challenges. Every now and then come down to earth and help somebody.

Remember it is not just come with Me but also come to ME.

pearlie said...

Oh, I must qualify that mine is 18 and still counting -- i.e. I'm too late :)

Yes, all the best to you Joshua.

pearlie said...

But yea, I think it's good not to start too late.

For me, it not so much that "it's good not to start too late" but that the later you wait, the less likely it will happen.

Tony Siew said...

Hi Joshua, your work and ministry experience will stand you in good stead for theological study at TTC. From what I gathered, the first semester of the first year students is the busiest period of their College life but I can see that you are very much prepared for the change and new life.

Kar Yong said...

In seminary, the vow that should never be taken is this: I will stop buying books. It will NOT work. You will only live to regret it. I am sure Alex will agree!

SHWong said...

Best wishes to you. TTC will be a good stepping stone to any further academic studies you wish to pursue.

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Alex, thank you for your reminder. Once in a while I'll put on the Bat-suit and jump from roof to roof to check out the Gotham.

Hi Pearlie, OK, good to have sister like yourself to kick start this sort of other worldly journey together!

Hi Tony, I'm born ready for the change and new life. Like a baby rushing out from the womb! Then we can have endless nights of theological conversation over the weekends at TTC.. hahahaha..

Hi Kar Yong, it's very tempting. Perhaps I'll just use the provided book fund. And will not exceed that. The logistic to move all the books is really scary to me. Once or twice in a lifetime is enough.

Hi SHWong, nice meeting you here. I believe you are my senior from TTC, an alumni, yes? Thank you for the best wishes :)

Sivin Kit said...

Have fun ... and be ready for surprises!

SHWong said...

Yes, I am a TTC alumni. Presently serving in Jubilee. Reading your blog is my pleasure.

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Sivin, thank you! Surprises are always welcome.

Hi SHWong, nice to hear that. I'm from Orchard Road Presbyterian Church. Just an ordinary member. Glad to have you drop by :)