Saturday, May 02, 2009

U think u r smart, Christians?

Due to the economy crisis, the Singapore government is giving out financial aid to the older citizens. I don't know much about these aid-packages but recently I heard one story regarding an old Christian couple who are attending the same church as my friend.

When this old couple heard about government's aid package, they sold away their condominium and bought a 3-room HDB apartment (1 living room with 2 bedrooms). And they spent a lot in renovating the new apartment with classy designs and all that.

Then they apply for the government aid. And given that they are old and the fact that now they are staying in a 3-room flat, their application is approved and they get the financial aid of about $400-800 per month (or about that amount). And they think they made a smart move.

But I don't think they are. They are being exploitative. The government's aid is to help the poor and needy. Yet this couple exploited it despite the fact that they don't need the package.

Not sure how true is this, but if it is, I'll just sigh.


Israel Lee said...

Agree with you. Sigh if it is true.

Rubati said...

well, the old couples pay taxes, it is only right that they try to recover as much of it from the government as possible, whether it be in terms of services or cash. Then they can decide how best they want to use the money, whether in charity, etc.

Haha... I know, very libertarian thinking.

Still, you can't privilege one form of political thought over another now can you?

Steven Sim said...

You surprise me often... :)

This is quite common in this sort of "aid" given by government. One way is to see this as "rights" to be given to all senior citizens as in a welfare state. Then there's no problem. In fact the State should have an obligation towards her senior citizens in form of rights and duty as was demanded from them in their younger days.

FYI, Penang State Government on May Day launched the registration of all senior citizens age 60 and above. the data collection will go for a year until march 2010 before the State Government decides on the best way to play out its obligations to the senior citizens.

Our service centres in BM happily registered to the hundreds on the last two days.

Steven Sim