Friday, May 22, 2009

Life's juncture and Divine's faith

Recently a friend is going through a major transition in her life. She is anxious over the next phase of her life becoming back a full-time student after having been working for 2 years.

She said that she need to be maintain her faith in God that everything will be taken care of, yet she is honest to admit that her faith is weak and often she is doubtful towards God's sovereign goodness over not only her life, but life itself.

At such juncture in our lives, we encounter situations where we realize our faith is struggling and our doubt in God is crippling. The goodness of life itself is being questioned. Is there any point in all these things? Is there a point to live? And such sentiment makes us lose the vision for living.

BUT the reality of God is not measured by our faith or the degree of trust we have on him. God's mysterious working and power are not subjected to the standard of our faith.

God remain as God no matter how strong, weak, or superficial we relate to him. Even when we don't have faith in him, God's faith in us remained.

Some say that we are justified by (our) faith. It is as if that our faith moves God, but what happens when we don't have faith? In such times, when our faith is absence, God's faith is not. We are justified by God. And that's what really matter after all: God is God. And that's the point of living.


Nalika said...

Is yours truly the friend that you are talking about?

Sze Zeng said...

Let those who have ears, hear. Let those who have recognition, recognize. :)