Friday, April 03, 2009

Their arrogance...

Today I read something stupid. The book 'The Glorious Rapture' is obviously about Rapture. The representative of the book, who is also from the author's church, highly recommended the book. She said that it is her senior pastor's "in-depth studies" on the subject.

In the book the author tries to show that Rapture is going to happen. Though I think the idea of Rapture is stupid, but that's not what I want to highlight in this post.

On one page, the author wrote that because 1 John 1.5 states that 'God is light', therefore God can travel at the speed of light. The author then elaborate what does speed of light means. He talked about Einstein's theory and stuffs like time is relative to speed.

Isn't that stupid?

Psalms 18.2 states 'God is my rock and fortress'. Does that mean God is made of oxygen, silicon, magnesium, iron, calcium, sodium and all the other composition found in rocks?

And the author is a senior pastor of one local mega church. I don't understand why all local mega churches' pastors believed in Rapture and other stupid things. I heard Joseph Prince mentioned about Rapture in one of his sermon too.

And this book is a product of "in-depth studies". Mega churches have the majority of the local Christians. And these stupid nonsense are the materials and teachings undercovered as "in-depth studies" being taught to the majority. When you ask these senior pastors to read real in-depth studies like James D. G. Dunn's 2-volumes of his projected trilogy 'Christianity in the Making', they will say, "Christianity is not so 'chim' (profound) one... all the apostles were fishermen, not academicians... If they can understand the truth, we don't have to do 'chim' stuffs."

That's not only plain stupid but arrogant. They can claim "in-depth" for their own teachings and studies. Another example is that they often use 'original language' to make their teachings look profound. They will say that, "In the Greek, it is...." But when we told them things like the passive, subjunctive, 2nd aorist, middle-deponent voices of certain Greek words, they reject it as something academics and hence not their concern.

So whenever they are shown real in-depth works, they reject it as unnecessary. And you know what's the worst? The members of these mega churches follow suit. It's alright for them to tell you something profound, but when you told them something in return, they reject it as 'chim'. WTF.


Steven Sim said...

And the funny thing about being "chim" is some so-called annointed teacher, whatever that means, used to teach how different years have different "blessings" and "curses" based on jewish lexicon and calendar. And how we'll miss out god's blessings and salvations if we dunno such system. I mean, isn't that "chimmmmmmmmmm" as well, to know some obscure random hebrew words system so that we'll be blessed and, gulp, saved?

Give me Bishop Tom Wright anytime. Simple, systematic and clear. And it's pure sweat and blood and love for the bible. Not fancy mumbo jumbos masquerading as profoundity.

Steven Sim

Israel Lee said...

Cool down! I agree with you, but do not let you anger cause you to stumble in words uttered.

I feel the same frustration here. All serious reviews of our faith and beliefs are dismissed with a single utterance of "this is theory and academic, not practical nor useful".

This is also Wagner's preemptive strike strategy, easily dismissing all his opponents by claiming the theologians who disagreed with him have a 'religious spirit'.

This is the type of language and discourse employed by certain charismatic church leaders in keeping their flocks faithfully under their arms.

It is no wonder that one of the editors of Charisma issued a warning that most charismatics will fall prey to the ant-christ and follow him when he appears because there is simply no more discernment left.

I feel sad for my charismatic brethren because as one myself, I felt that the true renewal of the Spirit has been lost to proponents of the so-called Third Wave. Like Steven said, I would rather take on Wright's charismatic emphasis that all believers need the Spirit to achieve what the Lord wants us to do here on earth. This to me is the genuine charismatic revival. ;-)

davinci said...

Hi everyone,

good fact, what Szezeng highlighted, is not new, that is prevalent naive happenings among the fundamentlists, especially mega charismatic churches....

they are arrogant, anti intellectual because they got people, got money, thats y, self sufficient, reluctant to listen to others.

and, they not theologically trained pastors... so they dont realise their we should be understanding..

I am charismatic, but of a small church, and open to theological learning...

sometimes , I do lose direction,,perplexed,,stuck in between chim theologian and naive cindy jacob/wagner...hehe!

davinci said...

recently one prominent speaker came, specialises in talking end time, claimed to have DTh and Dmin, double doctorate. I interpreted for her in church...

she said, for sure there is animals in heaven because bible says, Christ will return riding on a "white horse"..

and ...

"rapture"would be catastrophic because christian pilot taken up, leaving the plane....So SIA must employ christian/non christian mix of pilots...

I really "slain" and fall,,,hearing such naive doctorate "end time" talk..