Thursday, April 02, 2009

A guess on hell

This afternoon while I was on my way, I suddenly thought of 'time', 'space', and 'matter'. And because of that I thought about an alternative reality which seems like hell to me.

Could hell be a world where its creatures have the ability to create time and space but don't have the ability to uncreate them? Add to that they also don't have the ability to create or uncreate matter.

For a moment, imagine you have the ability to create space. Imagine both your palms holding each other. And now slowly, you separate your palms away from each other horizontally. As the palms move further away from each other, you see the space in between both palms, right?

Did you just created space? Nope. All this while both your palms already taken up space. As you move, your palms are just moving along the already existed space.

Now imagine you have the ability to create space. You are holding both palms together in your house. And now you focus your energy to create space when you separate your palms. And as both palms going further away from each other horizontally, you see a bubble-like thing being formed in between both palms. The further your palms are from each other, the bigger the bubble gets.

Now inside the bubble is a new space. And when a new space appears, the existing space need to give space to this new space. So as the bubble grow bigger, you realize that everything around you move further away from you. If the diameter of the bubble is 20cm, you find that the computer, the table for the computer, the chair, the fan, and everything around the bubble move according to the diameter of the bubble. That includes your hands which is holding the bubble.

Let's not talk about time yet, but you get the idea of how such ability will make life like hell? In hell, there is no forgiveness. And whenever you feel frustrated with someone, you create a space between you and the person. You don't want to see her or have anything to do with her. So you literally distance yourself. Say 10 meters. And let's say you frustrated by 20 people in a day and you get really upset and don't want to have anything to do with these 20 people for the rest of your life. So you created 10 meters space from all these 20 people. And everything around you just get further away according to the total diameter of space you created.

And as days go by, you continued to get frustrated by different people, so you continue creating space from them. The longer you live, the more space you create.

Now let's say you also have the ability to create time. That means you can determine how long you live. At first you think that since you can create space to evade from others who made or might make your life difficult, you would love to live longer. So you create more time for yourself.

And as you create more space, you create more time because you just can't be bothered. But the low point is that you cant uncreate those space and time that you have created. And you are not the only one able to do that. Everyone able to create space and time without the ability to uncreate them. Add to that, everyone don't have the ability to create matter. So you can't create things or food or whatever else. And everyone keep creating space and time every hours. What kind of a existent would that be?

Soon you won't even know that you are alive or existing.

Without forgiveness, there is space and time and, perhaps, nothing else. Not even your own consciousness of yourself.

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davinci said...

boils down to basic, does "hell"have consciousness?

concious of time and space?

In fact, all of "time , space, and matter", beg the question of "consciousness"...--George Berkeley

all existience, is "consciousness" --- Yogacharya