Thursday, April 02, 2009

Good news from boss

I've tried resigning from my current job a few times in the past but didn't really succeed. The last time was early this year. But my boss asked me out for lunch, and we asked me to stay.

Yesterday I emailed my boss again, telling him that I'll be going away for real this time. Just now before he left the office, he said, "This time I won't stop you. I can't stop you." That's because this time he knows where/what am I going/doing after resignation.

It's great to get blessing from boss when you are in a Christian organization. In the secular world, it's very easy. You just dumped your letter and start handling over your task in 2 or 3 weeks time. But in a Christian organization, we are all brothers and sisters. When someone resigns or being hired, it is more like a family matters than the corporate style.

Hence I can leave my current job with my colleagues and boss' blessings. And I continue thanking God for all the things this wonderful company has given me.

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Kar Yong said...

All the best for whatever you are planning for the future.