Monday, April 06, 2009

Eschatology & Human Enterprises

The more I look at all the enterprises out there, the more it is becoming apparent that there is God. Yet not merely that God exists, we know considerably well what is God like. All humans' concrete aspiration for inteligibility, ethics, justice, and meanings demand that God be God.

Don't misunderstand that I'm advocating a Natural Theology. All enterprises includes the appropriation of divine revelation.

Once I was actively engaged in an online discussion with a few atheists at the same time. When I brought up that the searching for deeper meaning in life parallels the search for deeper understanding in science, one of them responded that my notion of 'deeper meaning' in life exists only because I assume there is such thing in the first place.

But it seemed more and more clearly that that is not an assumption. It is as a priori as science, where deeper layers of understanding of reality is being discovered every now and then. For eg. after the discovery of atom, we have the sub-atomic. And after the sub-atomic, we have the anti-matter, and so on.

Perhaps the 'omega point' of all our aspiration, which give rise to all the existing enterprises, is leading us to a 'transformed and converged frame' of thinking (T.F Torrance) that will in effect fullfills all our aspiration. A story. And in our case, an eschatological one.

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davinci said...

You quest for God's existence, and feel that God is the answer; your atheist friends feel otherwise,,,

because you are predestined to be God's sheep, thats why, the sheep shall know the shepherd's voice and responded positively.

Your friends were not predestined to be one of the sheeps, thats why dont know the shepherd's voice..

----- Presbyterian argument