Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Mother beaten and her baby forced to be a Muslim in Ipoh, Malaysia

Ng Kam Weng highlighted an understated news about the forced conversion of an Indian baby into Islam by the baby's Muslim father, despite the non-Muslim mother's refusal.

From the Nut Graph website:

M. Indira Gandhi revealed that her husband used to beat her and tried to force her to convert to Islam, but the mother of three refused. One day, she said, her husband came into the house, beat her up and then took away their baby daughter...

"I have lodged three police reports about my husband's beatings and how he is forcing us to convert to Islam. Nothing was done," said Indira. (Emphasis added)

First, the evil father beats up and forced his family to convert into Islam as hobby.

Second, the evil father converted his daughter to Islam without the wife's consent.

Third, the Malaysian Police, which is under the prerogative of current federal government (UMNO/BN), did nothing even after 3 lodged reports!

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