Friday, March 13, 2009

St. Paul's Cathedral Science and Religion Debate

This significant event is hardly mentioned around the blogosphere, so perhaps the least I can do is to mention it here. Last year October, St. Paul's Cathedral organized a series of debate involving scientists, theologians, and biblical scholars over the issue of religion and science. Premier Radio helpfully provides the recording on its website. There were 4 public debates:
The Battle for Truth?
Does science lead to atheism? Is religious faith irrational? Four theologians consider the nature of science and religion, how they meet and clash.

God and the Universe
The ‘Big Bang’ has reopened the debate about the creation of the universe. This discussion looks at the origin and destiny of the universe, and what cosmology has to say about God and creation. (Here's the transcript)

Stories of Evolution
Our bodies are made of the same stuff as the planet itself, every species and came together against powerful odds. What does this say about creation and our place in it?

Body and Soul
Understanding the Human Being. This debate includes experts in medical genetics, theology, physics and reproductive technology to explore what we are and if there is place for a soul.

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