Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sickness & Theology

Recently many people around me fell sick. Shona, Steven, Josephine, Angie, etc. I was coughing since Monday.

Went to the doctor for cough medicine and antibiotic. I told the doctor that there's a lump on my upper neck. He checked it and asked me to finish the antibiotic in 5 days. If the lump still there, then I would have to go back for further check.

Yesterday I was on medical leave. I slept almost the entire day. Was feeling nausea and tired. Wasn't able to move much. So I went to the doctor again. And to my surprise, my temperature measured 39.1c.

The doctor prescribed some paracetamol and pills for nausea. He suspects that I might have dengue fever. So he gave me 2 more days of MC for me to observe for rashes and other symptoms.

When I told Steven, who was also sick, about the likelihood that I'm having dengue fever, he was surprised to find out that there are aedes mosquitoes in Singapore. After all, it's a clean and fine country, isn't it?

Sickness and aedes are agents to show us how vulnerable we are, or a nation is, no matter how advanced or independent we claim to be. After all, I always have a proud sense of independence that I don't need anyone to help me live my life, isn't it?

Yet I was proven wrong yesterday. I can't even buy my own dinner even though I have the money. The nausea prevents me from walking out of my home. Hence I'm very grateful for Pui Yee for her care and help.

Without these agents, we would continue to delude ourselves that we are independent, clean, and fine. And this contra the view of Karma which deem sickness as the effects of some bad deeds we have done in the past or previous lives.

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Kar Yong said...

So sorry to hear that you are not well. Hope you get well soon.

Take care and rest well.