Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Creation Church's perception on 'Miracles'

On Feb 15 2009, New Creation Church and its congregation of 22,000 managed to raise $19 million for their new building project which costs them and their business partner CapitaLand about $1 billion.

And guess what was the church’s theme on that particular Feb 15?

It’s “Miracle Seed Sunday.”

What does that mean?

The Straits Times, dated 11 March 2009, p.B2 has the answer:
…‘Miracle Seed Sunday’ is a day when the church’s members “sow a seed, expecting miracles.
‘Miracles’ or ‘mighty works’ of Jesus as recorded in the New Testament are God’s techniques to establish Christ’s kingdom on earth. Jesus’ miraculous signs (eg. healing the sick and feeding the poor) were performed to serve like divine signature that authorizes his ministry. In other words, the purpose of miracles is to vindicate Jesus in his works and words.

Anyway, if your church having problems raising funds, you may want to learn from NCC. Try having a thematic day. And better if the theme has something to do with ‘miracles’. Only by this unambiguous way your congregation will get your message that God’s ‘miracle’ comes in millions of dollars.

Perhaps your fund-raising campaign is not explicit enough and often leaves your congregation in ambiguity, not knowing how or what to contribute. And by adopting NCC’s approach, it will then become overtly obvious to your congregants that Christ’s ruling over the world and our lives is manifested through financial gain. This way will get the message across much clearer.

But wait a minute, so ‘miracles’ are not acts that heal the sick, cure the blind, feed the poor, or bring hope to the hopeless anymore? It is about raising fund to build a $1 billion cultural and entertainment complex now?

I wonder who are vindicated from this newly defined ‘miracles’? Definitely not Christ.


SG Fairy said...

It is not wise to judge NCC's "perception on Miracles" based simply on ONE quote from The Straits Times.

Don't insult a church unless you've listened to the 'Miracle Seed Sunday' sermon... if after listening to it, you still don't agree, then go ahead and say what you will. But no, don't comment til you know more

Sze Zeng said...

Hi SG Fairy,

Could you send me a copy or email me the sermon on that? So far I dont have any of it so i have to rely on what i have and perceive through that source.

Stanley Wong said...

Hi Sze Zeng,

NCC did call 15/2/2009 a "Miracle Seed Sunday".

Starting on 1/2/2009, Pastor Prince started a sermon series on sowing and prospering in times of famine.

1/2/09:- How To Prosper During Severe Famine

8/2/09:- Prospering During Famine – Lessons From Joseph's Story

15/2/09:- Supernatural Cancellation Of Debt

Detailed sermon notes taken by a fellow NCC member, Terence (who is a lawyer by training) is available at his personal blog -

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Stanley,

Thanks for the links. I've go through Terrence's notes but the problem is that his note is not a complete message. So it would be unwise also for me to tap on his notes to really get what was JP was teaching on that day.