Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Moderation of comments is necessary

I just received 2 comments on my review of Joseph Prince's book which I've moderated. The person comes in a pseudonym "stophatingonJP". The pseudonym shows no profile.

Both his/her comments come with "you are an idiot", "you are such a moron", and "you are just plain stupid". What's worse is that the comments don't make sense on my review. As if he doesn't know what I'm saying. So it's obvious why moderation.


Israel Lee said...

Well, the two brethren who wrote such words in their comments of your review better check their faith properly, whether it is founded on the belief in our Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible as the word of God, or whatever that JP preaches and claims as being inspired. One will know by the fruits it bears. Dangerous times this is. I wonder when my comments on Wagner will receive the same flack? ;-)

davinci said...

I support your continue effort to read Joseph Prince critically...well done!

I think, the buddhist would say, this is karma, between Joseph Prince and YOu.

pearlie said...

Sorry to hear that ... things like this can create much anger, but in the end it is just so sad. He/she needs some Socrates drummed into his/her head -- life not examined is life not worth living. So there.