Sunday, March 08, 2009

I've come across this short post on Christian's view on the Oscar at Gospel & Culture Project. We all know that Oscar is an event that catches global eyes. Those who don't usually watch movies will perhaps watch a few Oscar winners just out of curiosity. But is there a paradigm for us to look at this event in a Christian way?

The post has:
First, we should note the importance of popular culture. It is a well we come to not just for relief from the world, but as a means of entering into the world. Largely due to their impermanence, media like cinema are important to us as a means of embellishing. They enable us to imaginatively try out behaviors, life experiences and outlooks.

Secondly, the battle for hearts and minds is being won largely through portrayal, not propositions. From Will & Grace to Milk, attitudes toward behaviors such as homosexuality are shifting significantly as audiences identify with characters that embody specific lifestyles. Meanwhile,
the church continues to behave as if the game is happening more or less within its walls.

With a few exceptions, apart from reactionary, demonizing rhetoric, entertainment culture continues to be treated as if it is not serious and therefore not worthy of the church’s attention.
We fund missions and ignore the global proliferation of media content shaping the souls of every people group on the planet. We decide better just to leave it alone. (Bold added)

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