Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Church helping Church: Fantastic!

On March 2008, the Holy Resurrection Orthodox Christian Church of Singapore got kicked out by the landlord of its previous premise at River Valley Road. Since then they have been holding their Sunday service/mass in a rented classroom at the Anglo-Chinese School (International).

While they had only 3 hours to occupy the classroom, the congregation had to unpack and pack up before and after Sunday's service because their tradition involved many icons and relics. It's Sunday worship on the exile.

Upon seeing this, the Roman Catholic church stepped in to help. They availed a permanent space in their Catholic Archdiocesan Education Centre for the Orthodox congregation.

This is fantastic! Church can and should help other churches. In this case, the Roman Catholic has set a good example. Hope they have the same attitude to the Protestants and vice versa.

"...that they may be one as we are one..." (John 17:20-22)

Rubati posted something interesting on ecumenism too.


pearlie said...

That put a smile in my face today :) we are the body of Christ!

thinker said...

Attended their service once before (I love incense, hehe) they shifted to ACS. Did not realise they were in great need of a premises otherwise would have approached my church (Protestant) to see if they can provide a space. My church pastors are very ecumenical and hence would welcome a rare Orthodox congregation if space allows.