Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Big pay-check for church leaders

In New Creation Church's last financial year annual report, one church leader being paid between $500,001 and $550,000, while two others were paid between $150,001 and $200,000.

Though no names were given, their honorary secretary apologetically said that, "Senior Pastor Prince is the key man responsible for bringing in about 95 per cent of our church's income. I must concede that he has enriched the church and not the other way round."

He also revealed that Mr Prince had given $563,360 to the building project. Do we still need names?

Prince is a smart man. After the project completed, they will have larger space to get more people into the church. And that translates more 'church's income' in its honorary secretary's word.

Is NCC hiring? Appears that they are. *eyebrow raised at Steven Sim*


Kar Yong said...

No opening for NT scholar or pastor? That means no job for me :-)

davinci said...

I wonder could any minister of God, remain uncorrupted after being paid by such handsome remuneration.??

We are just human...

davinci said...

I say this not to offend anyone in particular., but offend the whole humanity...hehe

~*Gabrielle*~ said...

Well then, it will depends if money has a hold on the person