Monday, February 16, 2009

V-Day: Valentine or Vanity?

I remain puzzled over a social phenomenon called the Valentine's Day. Last Saturday I wished many people "Happy Valentine's Day" without knowing who was Valentine or what contributions he had for humanity. Only know that his name is being exploited by capitalists for monetary gains.

You might say that the day marks the significant of 'love'. But we already have Christmas for that, don't we? Dare we say there is another day better than Christmas to celebrate Love?

Hence I find wishing people "Happy Valentine's Day" is as meaningful as uttering "Happy Kulujajagaridodo Day". Signifies nothing and commemorates nothing (unless you are Jim Brickman or Sarah Brightman, or a saint-worshiper). And it's not even a public holiday!

Among many observational ugly facts about this day, one of them is the absurd hyper-commodification of pitiful and deteriorating flowers, especially roses, that cost consumers more than 10 times its usual price. What more do we need to realize how pathetic humans can be, not to mention the betrayed vanity?

I took risk with this post, realizing the possibility that I might be condemned to be unromantic or worst. If you deem so; if you think romance is that pathetic and obscene, all I could beg in reply is that of Henslowe's tongue, "Cut out my heart! Throw my liver to the dogs!"


Steven Sim said...

Perhaps in our days of fast tracked busy-ness, Vday should be given another chance.

It's the free market, prices go up when the demand goes up. It's not an excuse for the lack of creativity, but sometimes, buying an overpriced rose or going to an overpriced dinner may be the way for a tired businessman who works hard to say, this is what I have been working hard for, so that i can afford you these, and much more.

But, well, one can always opt for a less commercialized Vday. The market will dictate the price of the flowers.

Overall, I think we can't fault "another" reason to love and be romantic.

For the record, JR and I were "working" on Vday this year. We attended events from 9am in the morning, lunch meets, meetings, and press conference almost at 9pm. Went home about near midnite. To me it was a great Vday, just being together with her and doing things together. We managed to have a quiet 1 hour dinner in a hawker centre at esplanade. :D

Steven Sim

Nalika said...

There gone a day when i can look forward for some romanticism from you. :)

Perhaps i should get myself prepare for the rest of the valentine days that is to come to avoid disspointment.

Sze Zeng said...

Right, the economics already has its settled system on pinching price to demands.

Anyone can celebrate any day and cook up market prices for any ritual relics. That's not my concern.

Just an observation.

I can't follow the logic of "another" reason to love and be romantic. If that's so, then why not do it monthly, or weekly, or daily, or even better, minutely?

If miracle occurs at all time, then that's not a miracle. So giving "another" reason opens up infinite "another" and make it mundane.

We shouldn't let Love be mundanized.

You and JR are like the condor heroes already! Get a bird :)