Thursday, February 05, 2009

Please start governing!

The latest defection in Perak should be the last game Malaysians allow their rulers to play. Be it BN, PKR, DAP, or PAS, enough is enough.

The whole world is facing the most challenging time now and yet our rulers are still malfunctioning. If politicians love throwing sands or jumping ships, then they should resign as rulers and take up other full time jobs that afford their indulgence. The citizens did not vote you to waste our living.

Read more and learn how to act at Anthony Loke's site.

I am very very disappointed with Hee Yit Foong.
"Hee is not needed by UMNO after all for BN to form a majority in Perak with Nasarudin’s return to UMNO less than a fortnight after he defected to PKR. This means, what she did has not only brought defeat and shame to PR but she has became redundant in UMNO’s plan for takeover. Her two decades of contributions and her electorate’s support for her and DAP has been flushed down the drain by her immature actions this evening."
(Steven Sim's remark)

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