Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Omnipotent God as Idol (He is not sugar-daddy)

'Neurotically sick people develop forms of behaviour which come close to the 'religion of anxiety', in which the religious can, for example, be recognized in ritualized pattern of suppression and crazy practices. These 'pattern formations for repression and the idols and laws of the religion of anxiety may not either suffer or die, since they have been erected against suffering and dying. They must be omnipotent and eternal, because they are meant to help impotent and mortal man and to relieve his anxiety... But the crucified God renounces these privileges of an idol. He breaks the spell of the super-ego which men lay upon him... In becoming weak, impotent, vulnerable and mortal, he drees man from the quest for powerful idols and protective compulsions'.

(Geiko Muller-Fahrenholz discussing and quoting from Jurgen Moltmann's The Crucified God in The Kingdom and the Power, p.75. Italics added to emphasize Moltmann's writing)
You think the Christian God is product of wishful thinking? You think that the Christian God is the guarantor of your health and wealth in your life? You think that Christian God gives you an impenetrable, immutable, and settled system of thoughts or presupposition? The crucified God demands us to think again.

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