Monday, February 09, 2009

Need Christ?

Yesterday’s Straits Times (The Sunday Time, 8 Feb 2009), page 6, features a section at the bottom of the page on a struggling businessman, Edward Loh, and his newly found faith in times of financial crisis.

Mr Loh was once living in luxury until recent financial woes. In 2007, he became a Christian and is currently attending New Creation Church. His church members are graciously helping him ‘by proving food for the family and financial help’.

All is well, especially the help given to Mr Loh by his church-mates is especially encouraging and commended, until Mr Loh’s final remark:
I accepted Christ at a time I didn’t need help financially. But now I really, really need him.
Reading that left me wondering what does Mr Loh means? It’s only when one is financially-struggling that one really, really needs Christ? Did he get this kind of idea by himself or from others, like from his church's teachings (here I'm not assuming what his church teaches)?


Rubati said...

As much as I sympathise with your questions, but my old cardinal persona in me tells me that we should not expect too much of the masses.

It is virtually impossible for many of us to truly really love God for Himself with the utmost purity of motive. Even you would not be willing to change to a church more consistent with your beliefs on less on pure motives.

For this person's situation, I certainly believe that acknowledging his dependence on others rather than himself in a 'self-made man' way in matters of finance is the right step forward. Perhaps with additional lights from the Holy Ghost, he will move from being dependent on God for money to being dependence for God for being and meaning. What is needed is to help him along the development.

Lim Kopi said...

Not surprising since the church he attend is not preaching about God but money or as they called it grace.

It is also a wonder that he is now facing financial difficulties as the church preached that one will be rich when they come to Christ cause grace is about God wanting his people to be rich...

And I think the explanation for his plight may be due to his tithe or the lack of it.....

cause they indirectly believed that God's grace can be purchased by money.

Yes, it is sad when a Christians said that he accepted Christ at a time when he does not need Him.......

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Lim Kopi,

Thank you for the comment. I'm not a member of the church and I dont regularly attend their service. So I can't comment as precisely on their teaching on the things u highlighted.

Please share more about their teachings to help me understand.

Lim Kopi said...

I don't go there too but have friend who do. I think they also give you a copy of “Benefits Of Tithing” when you join the "church".

My encounter with friends (who goes there) confirmed that grace and blessings from god is always measured in terms of money..... and it can only come about if tithe is paid. And god wants to prosper his people using tithes.

I just read at a forum about them which you and your readers can read about at

By the way, I enjoyed reading your review of JP's book.

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Lim Kopi

Thank you for the link and sharing.

Glad that you enjoy the review.

clara said...

Hello! Not sure the background story or who Edward Loh is...but I do attend NCC and felt compelled to share my point of view.

By no means does the church equate tithe with blessings.

Grace is defined as the undeserved, unmerited favour of God, so there's no way we can 'buy' our way to riches.

Anyone or any organization who proclaims that one can 'buy' one's grace from God is simply misguided or worse!

What I do believe is all blessings come from God and we give thanks by tithing part of our blessings back to the God's through the church - which in turns, continues to share God's words :)

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Clara,

Thank you for your thoughts. And it's good to have someone from NCC to share about their experiences there.

As I can't comment on NCC's teaching (as a church) as I don't frequent there, I appreciate your insider's view. :)

Lim Kopi said...


Maybe you can explain why we need to "give thanks by tithing part of our blessings back to the God's through the church" ?

Is this a teaching of Christ and in the Bible?

If "part of our blessings" can be tithe back to the church, are you talking about money as blessings?

The church (make up of all Christians with Christ as the head) will continue to preach regardless if there are tithes....

There are so many main stream churches that do not teach / enforce tithe and still thriving...

Many in fact preach by listen to Hid word and acting on it by their deeds....such as homes, hospices, missions etc....

Not going around in style "talking" and being paid.

If you go to the link I indicated before, you can see the impression that NCC gives...and so are members of NCC who post on line.