Thursday, February 05, 2009

CNY 09

I had great time during last week’s Chinese New Year. Besides catching up with familiar people that grew up together, I went to Kampar and met new friends. Two of them are especially significant because I have known them through mIRC more than ten years ago.

Though great, there were two misfortunes. First, I fell sick on the fifth day of CNY till now (the eleventh day). I have been sick for six days, and there is a busy weekend coming. Wanting to attend both of Gordon Smith’s lectures, but not sure if my wailing body able to endure it.

The other misfortune was the terrible bus condition in which I took to come back to Singapore. The bus seat cannot be adjusted, so I have to sit up right the whole 11-hour journey. The passenger in front of my was extremely inconsiderate. He lowered his seat to the lowest, leaving barely enough space for my legs.

When I reached Singapore, all that had happened in the wonderful week seemed like a dream. The feeling is like waking up from a long dream. Back to reality.

Hence the first day at work felt horribly long. In fact it’s really long because I had a drama practice until 10pm that day. Coupled with cough and sore throat, Tuesday was historical. Thus I really needed medical leave yesterday.

(Lion dance at grandma's place. People say if you touch the lion, you'll have a lucky year ahead. Can't remember did I touch it..)

(Had this steamboat at 4am on the second day of CNY. Some guys from our table almost fought with those from the next table. What a scene at 4am!)

(Saw this banner at my mom's frequented Buddhsit temple. They are seeking donation for site extension. The last phrase reads "...we sincerely appeal to the enthusiatic devotees to donate generously with the boundless merits." Try using the same phrase in the church..)

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