Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Two Busy Weeks

Facing the second busy week now. Activities and work has taken up my blogging time. Had many night meetings with friends and finished all 4 assignments over the weekend.

Last week:
Monday evening was used for revision.

Tuesday evening was used for discussing this year's plan for GCF's movie session group at Lee Yuen's place.

Wednesday had a meeting with ATRIA group over a new media initiative.

Friday was dinner and drinking session with friends.

Saturday morning till afternoon was for Greek homework. Evening to night was for friends.

This week:
Sunday's lunch was meeting church's youth leaders. Afternoon was for Greek assignment. Evening for art exhibition at the Art House.

Monday's evening was the euthanasia forum.

Yesterday's evening was for meeting with some newly found friends, exploring the area of arts.

Later today at night, will be sending gf away for cny. Then have to pack up for my own getaway.

Didn't had time to sit, read, and write. And I'm going back to Bukit Mertajam for CNY this week.

Hope you all having great time.

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