Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lightning reviews on two recently read books

The Living Word of God: Rethinking Theology of the Bible
Witherington did a good job in clearing many of the confusing passages in the New Testament. The downside is his unclear, uncritical, and sometimes misfiring attempts in tackling the issue of postmodernism, epistemology, and other philosophical subjects.

3 exclamation marks !!!

The Order of Things: Exploration in Scientific Theology
A continuation of McGrath's Scientific Theology. This is the bridge between his 3 volumes Scientific Theology and the on-going and upcoming 'Scientific Dogmatics'. The book discusses contemporary anti-theological position of Dawkins, the legitimacy and recovery of natural theology, the parallel between evolution of culture and development of doctrines.

The last 3 essays are especially illuminating. They serve McGrath's working papers for his dogmatic project. McGrath's discussion over the 'actuality of the church' as the starting point for theologizing through the process of assimilation and accommodation is significant as it undercut the popular taking of the Trinity as theological starting point on one hand and the Sola Scriptura on the other. I enjoy this book as much as his previous Science of God.

5 exclamation marks !!!!!

(May be Tony Siew, my lecturer, is complaining silently, "Sze Zeng, you should be reading Greek!!")


Tony Siew said...

Hi Joshua, it's great to see you are keeping up with your readings without neglecting your Greek, I hope - haha!

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Tony,

Nope, not neglecting the language that NT writers used. :)