Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Emergent Movement threatens the church of Christ?

"If churches embracing the principle of Sola Scriptura (by Scripture alone) fail to understand and address the concerns voiced in the Emerging Church conversation, we may lose an entire generation of professing believers.

"If the Emerging Church eventually defines Christ's church, then the church as Christ defined it will be no more."

"While we should applaud and apply much of its content, we must also confront that it is moved along by an old philosophical wind which ever threatens to wrest Christ's church from the foundation of her faith – the written Word of God."
These are Rutledge Etheridge's (adjunct professor of systematic theology at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary) remarks on the Emergent movement. Concerned yet careless words. Poor rhetorics.

The Roman Catholics do not embrace Sola Scriptura and they are still around conducting themselves as Christ's followers, worshiping and fighting for social justice even if it means to make a stand in a country ruled by corrupted tyrants.

A few centuries ago the Reformed church in Geneva, under the leadership of John Calvin, succeeded in defining the church and ended up burning dissenting people. Yet now the Reformed churches have been (assumingly) Christ re-defined and still existing.

The Reformed church in the 16th century also inherited and moved along a "philosophical wind" (hermeneutics then) which had people being executed for their different beliefs. And the church's execution are supposedly justified by the "foundation of her faith - the written Word of God".

Hence I dont see Etheridge making any case for dismissing the Emergent movement.

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