Monday, December 15, 2008

Kar Yong's latest post on the individualistic Christians' perspective on finances and well-being is alarming. I would like to draw from his message to ask a different question: Are we still closing our eyes so that we can give $200 MP3 player as Christmas gift to our friends whose life-quality does not diminish in any way, rather than giving $50 to those whose living condition can be improved in small ways?

Miki from TechMission has alerted me to their works in helping those who are under-resourced. These needy individuals face economic crisis all their lives unless we reach out.

Instead of trying to please our friends who are not dying of hunger with unnecessary gifts (I once received an cigarette-tray as Christmas gift!!), we can consider helping out those who need help?

This article from Sojourners illustrates how can internet-technology help the under-resourced communities. Take a look and discover something new.

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