Thursday, December 04, 2008

'The Promise' Musical by Presbyterian Singapore

Last week the Presbyterian Church of Singapore held a musical depicts the life of Jesus at the National Cultural Centre (NCC), Singapore. The preparation for the musical is long and involved many volunteers. You can read about it at Christian Post. The organizer and volunteers must be applauded for their efforts and time.

As I was standing by at the NCC's lobby, I went in for a few minutes just to take a peep. My feedback to the Synod is that I think the producer of the musical should not overlook the accuracy of the historical and theological data.

First the last supper scene. The upper room setting followed the infamous anachronistic depiction done by the Da Vinci where Jesus was seated in the middle of a long table (the picture above). But historians have shown that the table was in a 'U' shape, and the main host (Jesus) seats at side of the table rather than the middle.

Second, in the resurrection scene, there were 3 angels with feathered wings. Again, this is artistic expression derived uncritically from the Western Renaissance's painting, the period which Da Vinci lived. I might have overlook some parts of the Bible but I do not see the Bible states that angels have feathered wings. And I found out that those wings cost USD$600 per pair. Hence I think paying USD$1800 to portrays wrong theology is unnecessary.

These two inaccuracies might give the public, especially the non-believers, some false perception on what Christianity is really about.

I bet Presbyterians can do a much better (historical & theological) work than this. Not that we don't have Presbyterian historians and theologians right?

With hope and blessings, I'd send my feedback to the Synod.

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