Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ng Kam Weng responded to Mahathir's nonsense

Mahathir, the ex-premier of Malaysia, contends that non-Muslims cannot comment on the Islamic authority's recent official condemnation on the practice of yoga. Malaysian theologian Ng Kam Weng posted 2 responses on his blog. Some extracts:

"I agree with Dr. Mahathir on one point, that is, one should not feel insulted just because leaders from another religion take positions that are contrary to one’s religious beliefs. There is no need to take the fatwa that prohibits Muslims from practicing yoga as an insult to Hinduism. Let’s accept the fact that Muslims are entitled to their own viewpoint.

However, by the same token, Muslims should extend the same entitlement to non-Muslims. If Muslims can take the liberty to publicly reject the tenets of faith of another religion, then they should also grant the same liberty to non-Muslims to reject Islamic faith in public. On the same moral terms, they should not feel insulted if non-Muslims put up advertisements voicing their opinion that Quran cannot be the revealed word of God or that Muhammad cannot be God’s prophet."

Read them all here:

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