Friday, December 05, 2008

Mid-noon humor

I was at a foodcourt buying lunch and the queue was very long. So I decided to send a pre-Christmas sms to friends. This is what I wrote:
"Jesus said to Cho Thomas on 1 X'mas: U r the best celebration for my birthday and new year's day, and i luv u, sweetheart, so be happy. (Heaven Is So Real, p.243). Hopefully, that 'Jesus' who appeared and wished Cho Thomas, appear and wish you merry x'mas the same way this year."
And I got funny replies.

Steven Sim replied: "Choi...don't want to see ghost or have psychiatric illness on such joyous occasion. And besides, Cho's Jesus live in Korea, i'll be in Singapore."

Huai Tze replied: "Wow, u read that kind of thing? :P"

..hahaha.. It's a good way to lighten the heavy mid-noon.. hahaha

Ohh... a side note: the budding NT scholar is going back to his hometown today after being exiled to the Lion's land for 4 weeks. Safe trip!

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Kar Yong said...

Haha...sounds like either your were TOO free or TOO stressed out!

It was a GREAT exile at Tanah Singa, and I suddenly feel so depressed back in Tanah Zion... hahahaha.

Anyway, great meeting you!