Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yesterday's Organ Sales Forum

(Right to Left: Dr. Jason Yap, Dr. Roland Chia, and Dr. Lee Hin Peng)

Last night's Organ Sales forum was wonderful. Although raining, the room is filled with enthusiatic people. The 3 panelists gave their best brief on this complex subject.

Dr. Roland Chia, theologian from Trinity Theological College, started off by presenting his research on the theological view of 'personhood' and how does such understanding relates to the issue. Then followed by Dr. Lee Hin Peng's sharing from his experience as a medical professor and committee in the Bioethic Advisory Committee of Singapore. He also gave us some suggestion of what kind of 'compensation' package should be provided for the organ donors if there indeed revision will be done on Human Organ Transplant Act. After Dr. Lee was Dr. Jason Yap's presentation. He, being the director of Healthcare Services of Singapore Tourism Board, shared some of the issues that we need to consider when it comes to policy-making or policy-critic.

During the Q&A session, we have questions and comments made by a people from the medical and pastoral profession. The session was rather enlightening. Alex Tang and Soo Inn were there. And each of them had some dialog with the panelists. I wish we can record the session and upload it for download but we lack the devices to do it. This is something that should be provided to the public, especially Christians who are exploring or facing this issue themselves.

One remark made by Dr. Lee during the Q&A session is especially striking. He shared with us about his experience during the debate over abortion. He was assigned to submitted a statement, which represents the Christian community at large, to the government over this issue. Basically the statement disagrees with the practices of abortion. But the government officers were puzzled with the statement. They told Dr. Lee that half of those who went for abortion are Christians.

Amazing. I'm puzzled too.

Puzzlement aside, despite many differences among the participants there was a shared vital concern in the room. We wondered, "Are our local evangelical pastors equipped to guide their congregants on this issue?" Especially such complex issue which involved the welfare of our pluralistic society as a whole.

I'm still wondering.


Alex Tang said...

Hi Sze Zeng,

I have enjoyed the talk and the discussion. Thank you for organising it.

I agree with you. I often wonder how our pastors and church leaders can counsel others when they themselves know so little about abortion, euthanasia, AMD, organ transplantation etc.

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Alex,

Glad to meet up with you that evening. :)