Wednesday, November 05, 2008

When & Why?

"When are you coming back, Lord?"

"Why God used strangely obscene images?"

In Jer 13.11, God declares that He made his people clings to Him like how g-string attach to the butt. The ESV translates the garment as 'loincloth'.

Then in Jer 13.26, God said He will sexually harass disobedient people to embarrass them.

Though I'm not sure why He likes obscenity, but the way these passages were used brought out their precise meanings. Everyone can understand that underwear, especially g-strings, stick tightly to us. And (almost) everyone knows that being exposed nakedly without their consent is a dreadful embarrassment.

This is also the reason why media likes to report scandals. Everyone likes to see who is being embarrassed lately. Perhaps it helps to make ourselves feel a bit more 'valuable' by knowing that others are being embarrassed. It's all about our individual dignity; which of course is nothing other than our self-imposed nickname under the knife of postmodernism. Think Fight Club's operation mayhem: destroying the very prestige that we have fashioned ourselves.

God created Adam and Eve naked. And they didn't know that they were naked. Zero embarrassment. Even God didn't told them they were naked. The moment they fashioned themselves with fig leaves, their individual dignity dominates over them. Since then, humanity goes fanatic over this nickname, 'dignity'.

Didn't realize that I just psychoanalyzed the Adam and Eve story. So, why am I studying Greek and doing marketing?


Nalika said...

I like that picture of yours

Sze Zeng said...

I like it too. Thanks for taking that.