Friday, November 14, 2008

Two Lectures

Two lectures. The first one worth listening and as a matter of fact great listening. It's Peter Enns' conversation with Stephen Chapman at Duke University over the question "Is The Bible Ever Wrong?". For me the last few minutes is the best, the climax, when Chapman mentioned Barth's take on this.

As for the second lecture, well, listen to it only when you have 1 and half hour to waste. Waste, as in really have nothing to do and plan to dump that time into the temporal junk lot. It's a lecture title "The Bible of Bible-Presbyterian" by Tow S. H. I got it from here.

If you enjoy the view that Darwin's Origin of Species is a "horrible atheistic book" that states our ancestors are monkeys up on trees, you will like the latter lecture. In it you will also find that the speaker deem B. F. Westcott and F. J. A. Hort as the "two archenemies of God". Not only that, he also thinks that 'Rationalism' is the philosophy that says truth is something you can sense and touch and experience. Of course, to anyone who knows a bit about philosophy, that's the exact opposite. Anyway, if you really want to throw your time away, feel free to listen to the second lecture.

(A disclaimer: I was not depressed over the second lecture in my previous post. And I'm feeling much better now. The Lord has strengthen me. Thank God.)

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