Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rowan Williams, his past & his season

It was 1975. Rowan Williams was then finishing his doctoral thesis. There was this depressed lady who sought pastoral help from Williams. She swallowed sleeping pills with whiskey right after she called a friend and asked her to “tell Rowan that it's not his fault”. The story is here.

The next few months seem like Rowan Williams' season. There are some publications featuring him.

Rowan's Rule: The Biography of the Archbishop by Rupert Shortt

The Theology of Rowan Williams: A Critical Introduction by Benjamin Myers

On Rowan Williams: Critical Essays by Matheson Russell (ed)

Rowan Williams on Scripture by John Webster in 'Scripture's Doctrine and Theology's Bible' by Markus Bockmuehl (ed) and Alan Torrance (ed)

Yesterday during a dinner meeting, a friend asked Michael Schluter, who was an Anglican, his opinion about Rowan Williams being the Archbishop of Canterbury. His reply is just one word: "Awful".

Well, no matter how awful Williams might be to some (not to me), we can't deny the fact that he deserves the attention of contemporary theologians, historians, and biographers. And rightly so for his insights and works in each of these fields.

So far, I've dipped into Shortt's earlier work and Mike Higton's excellent introduction to Williams' theology. I'm looking forward to learn more in the upcoming Rowan Williams' season.


The Inquisitor said...

So...which of his theological works have you read which makes you think he deserves our attention?

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Dom,

Williams' lectures and articles on his website are abundant. Of course whether his works deserve your attention or not is really up to your own pursuit. His works are definitely being highly regarded by contemporary theologians, historians, and biographers.

davinci said...

Hi sze zeng, I amazed at such a profound theological activity taking place in Singapore. thanks for your blog...

a matter of fact, singapore, too, such a haven for mediocrity of mega church ..

an irony!

Sze Zeng said...

Hi davinci,

profound theological activity taking place in Singapore??

Hmm...personally I dont think so...

Mega-churches are "light & salt" if they could at least don't stray too far away from the conventional teaching of Christianity.

But then, that's just my personal view. Might not hold water.