Thursday, November 06, 2008


I told my gf that I wanted to watch a movie titled 'Choke'. She asked if she can join. I said, "Sure". After we bought the tickets, I told her that the ticketing officer asked us if we are above 21 because the movie is rated R21. My gf asked what kind of movie is that. I said, "Porn". Her eyes went wide and rolled.

The obscenities contained in the show is no less than those in the Bible. If the OT authors were to make a movie and be explicit with all the imageries and stories, it will be a movie filled with gore (eg. Samson' eyes being plucked out like those in Kill Bill), nakedness (eg. Adam & Eve), coitus interruptus (eg.Onan), and so on.

This show is being explicit. Really, it's not porn. The movie is based on a book by Chuck Palahniuk who wrote the fantastic 'Fight Club'. Choke tells the story of our desperate condition to look for ourselves in an accidental history. The main character Victor is a sex addict. He is the ultimate symbol of the sexual culture. It's all about consumption; exploding orgasm upon orgasm with strangers. But of course we know that the critique is not the sexual culture per se but the whole story and meaning about sex.

In the attempts to find out his real father's identity from his mother who is a dementia patient, he came across his mother's journal. But it was written in Italian. So Victor asked the doctor who is taking care of his mother to help translate the diary. And Victor found out that he is the result of his mother's participation in an experiment by the Vatican to create humans from the genetic artifact from Jesus. So he is the half-clone of Jesus!

That was shocking to him because up till now 'holiness' hasn't come across his life. His life was just daily orgasm. And now being the half-clone of Jesus, he has to rethink seriously about his life. That's what you'll face if you realized that you are Jesus's clone! And does that mean now he has to live a holy life? Worst, does that mean all this while he really has been living in sins?

I'll end with this ironic part where Victor asked a blonde stripper, whom he despised, about Jesus' life and meaning. And he did it without expecting anything good from her. He asked just for the sake of asking. He wondered whether was Jesus a sinner in the unknown years before he started his ministry. And to his surprise the stripper suggested to him to start reading the New Testament, starts from the gospels and then Paul's letters (this is strangely familiar). She even highlighted the epistle to the Galatians that being a follower of Jesus is about loving others.

So is this porn? That's up to you to decide.

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