Thursday, October 02, 2008

Why Scot McKnight is not a Catholic or E. Orthodox?

Someone asked Scot McKnight that question to which he has posted a response:

"... the biggest reason is how I read the Bible... I believe the Bible establishes a clear framework for a vital characteristic of forming all theology. The framework is what I call the “wiki” nature of gospel and theological expression. That is, God spoke to God’s people in Moses’ day in Moses’ way, in David’s day in David’s way, in Isaiah’s way in Isaiah’s day, in Jesus’ day in Jesus’ way, in Paul’s day in Paul’s way, and in John’s day in John’s way. There is, then, a clear pattern: the gospel and God’s revelation participates in “wiki” (or ongoingly renewed and renewable) versions. What this means is that there is an ongoing pattern of development and a recognition that the former days can get swallowed up in the present days...

[Catholics and E. Orthodox] read the Bible through Tradition and I believe in reading the Bible with Tradition..."

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