Thursday, October 02, 2008


Came back to Singapore on Monday morning. The memory of what I've experienced in my last trip is still warm in my mind. My scattered thoughts are currently very much on the relation between Christ and Culture, the existence of 'ghosts', marriage, and politics. All stemmed from my interactions with Steven, Yoon, Joreen, and others when I was there.

Right after Greek class on Tuesday was Iain Torrance's 1st lecture in Singapore, which marks the beginning of a series of 5 lectures in 3 days. So instead of celebrating Hari Raya, me and gf spent our day attending 3 of the lectures yesterday. So far, I've attended 4 and probably wont be attending the fifth one which is starting at 11am later, due to work.

Iain Torrance's view on Trinity & creation, reconciliation & inclusion in the early church, postfoundational ethics, and John Calvin's thoughts on Sacrament are affecting my thoughts and experiences from my lastest trip. He is one Reformed scholar that present the Reformed and Calvinistic tradition as robust and attractive. Over many times, during the Q&A session, he preceded his answer with "From the Calvinistic/Reformed tradition, I came to see..."

After the lecture on postfoundational ethics, I approached him to seek for his view on the Westminster-Princeton seminaries disctinction on the conception of ethics. Both of us know that we can't really beat the bush and clear the jungle in such a short time, so he said that he will refer some helpful literatures to me on this issue.

In the afternoon, me and gf met up with Mun Yee and Andrew. They are here for vacation. After that, we met up with Zhen Hao for dinner before we went to the fouth lecture at 8pm.

Reached home late night. Felt very tired and likely to sleep early but realized that I need to do my laundry.

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