Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Pictures!

Thanks to Peter Pang for the picture. That was taken after attended his lecture on Trinity and Creation. In the lecture he focuses on the doctrine of Incarnation and doctrine of Creation. He explored the implication of our belief of the Incarnation affect our view of the Creation. His one passage that I appreciate deeply is, (paraphrase) "The Incarnation is the divine re-creation within the already existing creation. The new being created within the old."

Through the lecture, Iain Torrance made emphases on the goodness of the creation. So, later during Q&A, one fellow by the name of Robert Tan asked him, "If the creation is good, where then did evil came from?"

Torrance's reply,"Evil is the privation in this contingent world." Of course he did go on talking about it but I was stuck with the phrase playing in my mind. So the next day, during another lecture, I asked him to elaborate. And he graciously did, (paraphrase)

"God has created the world in which is not the case where everything is necessary. And if it is not the case that everything is not necessary, then sometimes things go wrong. Now what that is saying is that God is not the author, the creator, of evil. But Evil is a kind of lack, a privation, a consequence of the kind of freedom that God gave us..."

I still don't understand. Yet I understand that the phrase "everything is not necessary" is contentious to some. But Torrance has mentioned in the beginning of his lecture that he is arguing from the Reformed tradition. And according to Reformed tradition God created the world out of his absolute freedom and love. God does not need the Creation nor does he need to creates it. So if there is anything being created, it is purely out of God's absolute sovereignty and love.

(This is the lecture on Calvin's thought on the Sacrament. As you can see in this picture , I took the opportunity to say "hello" during the Q&A time. No, I'm not pathetic. I was asking for his comment on Roman Catholic's interpretation of John 6.53-56. He didn't answer my question directly. He gave a theological de tour before directing me to 2 articles for further learning. Oh, you see the chubby guy sitting in the background? That's Robert Tan.)

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Steven Sim said...

An Augustianian reply to the problem of evil...

remember i once discussed that god created a world where he can't put a 100% of himself into it? I think Torrance said it better and much more polished with "God has created the world in which is not the case where everything is necessary"

Steven Sim