Monday, October 13, 2008

Painted Skin on Love

"You don't know what is love...", scorned Pei Rong against the fox-demon before drinking the poison in a pact that the demon will stop its killing spree.

This scene highlights the stark contrast between lust and love in the movie Painted Skin. On one end we disdain the demon's feverish means of implicating Pei Rong to all the charges which are on her; while on another end, we admire Pei Rong's self-sacrificial act to preserve the lives of her people by accepting the demon's implication onto herself.

Here, we are drawn to witness the embodiment of 'lust' in the form of the fox-demon, and the incarnation of 'love' through Pei Rong's decision. We are once again being bombarded by the uncomfortable fact of the difference between these two abstracts. Only in a more surreal way this time. 'Surreal' because it's not real. The 'real' is on the bloody cross.

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