Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ghost, Spirit and Christianity: An Asian Theological Exploration (1)

An Asian Theological Exploration of the Non-Material-Non-Human-Beings (1)

My colleague just told me don't mess with 'spirits' before she walked to the pantry. She is one of the few that I know who are sensitive to the "non-material-non-human-being" (NMNHB). And she is the one who is directing the drama that I'm involved in.
I don't like to use 'ghost' or 'spirit' to depict the NMNHB. Reason is that we lack data to categorize these beings. Some take the term 'spirit' as the soul of the deceased. Some take it as the demons. Some take it as genie. Each of these definition comprises a bigger cultural and religious context to which is too much to blog about here. And the term 'supernatural' is as vague as the others. So, I'll stick to 'NMNHB'. It's only in the negative that I can describe them given my limited understanding. (If you have better term, pls suggest!)

This colleague of mine said that she is able to listen to the NMNHB. Her mother able to see them. My other friend, Yoon, has seen these beings a few times. My gf's cousin, when she was a toddler, asked her dad who was the shadowy figure in the mirror during one of their stay at an inn. As for myself, I heard very horrorly someone scratching the sofa handle which was above my head when I was trying to sleep at Awana Genting.

I had my interest in the NMNHB rejuvenated after a casual chat I had with my friends after church 6 or 7 Sundays ago. After that, I rented Exocism of Emily Rose DVD to find out more of this since the movie claims to be based on true story.

During my recent trip back to Penang, Steven, Yoon, and myself had a wonderful chat over this topic. And we explored the NMNHB phenomena theologically. I shall blog about it later because my drama practice starting in 10 minutes.

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