Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Interesting Story

A Christian friend by the nick 'Buddhist lover' has commented on one of Blogpastor's recent post. I think his comment is interesting to share here:

One guest preacher was preaching a sermon to encourage people to give in faith to his ministry. After teaching from the bible verse about one reaping what one sows, the guest preacher gave his personal testimony. He told the congregation about how when he was so financially broke during the financial crisis in the 970s that he was without a home and left only with about $20 in his pocket. He walked into a church service, and deep in his heart he prayed to God for help. When the offering bag was passed around, he put in all the money he had. On his way out, someone befriend him, learned of his problems and offered him shelter and also gave him a job. That became the beginning of a series of good fortune that within one year, he became financially stable and in another 3 years, he actually became rich! After sharing his testimony, he urged the congregation to give to his ministry so that God’s unlimited blessing of wealth can be released onto them. He said because he has given his last $20, God has turned him into a multi-millionaire. Then at that point, a soft voice of an old woman could be heard among the congregation: “I dare you do it again now!”

Do you think it is much more difficult for this guy to give away all his wealth now (millions of dollars in nett assets) than when he was without a home and was down to his last $20?

I've heard some similar testimonies. One that I remember vividly is that God has blessed the prosperity-gospel advocate 2 Harley Davidson bikes. I also wonder will these people re-enact their testimony which they are so keen to preach on the pulpit on a daily basis.

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