Friday, October 31, 2008

Have you met a real idiot?

Yip Khiong directed me to a blog by someone who attended New Creation Church and think that Prosperity Gospel is the 'true gospel' of Jesus Christ. At first Yip Khiong and myself thought this guy has something to offer in hermeneutic, but upon reading his post I can reasonably conclude that this person doesn't know what is he talking about:

I am sure Satan will not sit still and let me destroy his kingdom. He sent theologians to advise me to repent from the heresy on believing in Jesus and return into lies of theology. One of the them called me a liar and said Jesus never die poor for us to live rich. When I showed him the evidence, he changed the meaning of it just like any good theologian.

This is another opportunity for us to learn more about the true meaning of the Bible and at the same time expose the lies of theology.

I am sure theologians will tell us that God can give us troubles and make us poor in order for us to be filled with abundant joy, which has overflowed in rich generosity just like what he did to the churches in Macedonia. This is nothing more than theology, a lie from the pit of hell.

They chose to believe in the truth of God and not on the lies of theology.

This verse sets Paul apart from the theologians...Paul wanted to find out what the weak points are in order to fix them. Paul was an engineer.

[Referring to 2 Cor 8.9]This is the truth that is able to shatter the foundation of theology.

It appears that this person doesn't know anything about theology at all; what is theology, the function of theology, the scope & limit of theology, and the foundation of theology. And this person doesn't even realize that all of what he has written is his theology.

This resembles someone who wrote a long English article complaining that English doesn't help to convey meaning or make semantic sense.

This is not someone who suffers from down syndrome or mentally challenged. This is utter idiotic; some form of 'damned stupidity'. The manifestation of the worst noetic effects.


Kar Yong said...

Oh my...I think he needs to read my thesis and my forthcoming book where I wrestle a bit on the 2 Cor 8:9 passage. But again, as a "theologian" (well, I am more of a biblical scholar, and not a theologian), what I argue may be lies....

Caron said...

I think you will really appreciate the work of Justin Peters. His site is - Be sure to watch the video!!!

Peters is an expert in this area and comes highly recommended by my pastor, Dr. John MacArthur.

gentlelamb said...

It may have come from New Creation, but listen to the NCC sermons, you would seldom hear a push for the "Prosperity Gospel",
as compared say to City Harvest where they would invite pastors from overseas speaking on this topic. I know --- my friends from CHC always talk about prosperity

Gentle Lamb

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Kar Yong,

You are right. This guy is already 100% certain that the gospel of the Bible IS about prosperity. Hence your thesis and book that show the contrary must be lies.

His reply to me:
There is no such thing as “prosperity gospel” or “prosperity theology”. They do not exist. I have never believed in them. I only believe in the Bible and it is the one I am using.

*garu-garu kepala*

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Caron,

Thanks for the link!

Sze Zeng said...

Hi gentlelamb,

I realized that too. NCC isn't explicit in presenting the prosperity gospel. They are smart. They subsumed it under 'grace'. I just went to their service yesterday, heard Prince himself. After that I've talked to two of their leaders. And that's the impression that I have. And besides, I'm reviewing Prince's Destined to Reign. All the 'prosperity' messages are subtle.

BTW, nice of you dropping by here :)

Caron said...

You are most welcome, Sze Zeng!

What did you think?

God bless you!